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With every passing week that we are living through the various levels of lockdown, we assess and re-assess our surrounding situation as well as the global picture. With so much unhappiness, injustice and negativity around, it is vital to focus on maintaining a healthy state of mind.
I concluded that under the current circumstances there are three important pillars we can lean on – our support groups, our assets and innovation.
The tourism industry has once again proven how we can all stand together. The support we get from bodies like the TBCSA & Fedhasa, lobbying on behalf of the industry together with support from clubs like Skal International promoting business amongst friends, has been both beneficial and heart-warming. Social Media naturally also plays a role with groups like #tourisminmyblood - sharing resources, conducting surveys and investigating the bigger picture. These groups and relationships have helped us not to feel isolated and enabled us to collectively work on a solution.
When it comes to our asset there are too many to mention. The incredible beauty, cultural diversity and world-class facilities we have to offer in South Africa, was probably one of the first reasons most of us got involved in the tourism industry. With the emphasis on new and authentic experiences, we love looking at those hidden gems, far off the beaten track. Have a look at some of these sites for some great ideas:
If you write a blog yourself, have a look at this site with favourite travel bloggers:

Lastly innovation is always key in changing circumstances. We need to be agile and stay one step ahead. Consumers process and comprehend visuals much faster than they do text. In order to leverage this behavior our sister company makes use their extensive knowledge in art direction, video production, animation, storyboard and script writing to develop world-class animations, video productions and explainer videos. Feel free to contact us for more information these services.

For those of you spending time with your children in quarantine, here are some great options for entertainment, providing a much-needed break from homeschooling!


Wildlife Memory Game                                       Africa Playing Cards
Safari Puzzle                                                       Aromadough
We would love to know from you what products you have found increasing or decreasing in value to you of late. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.  Any feel-good stories are also welcome! 

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