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  • Feel that Spring in your step!

    September comes with a gradual change in weather patterns.  I’m reluctant to call it Spring in the Western Cape, but the flowers blooming, bees buzzing and birds singing are all tell-tale signs that the new season is now upon us!  For many of us its more than that – it boosts our mood and energy ... View Post
  • The Past, The Present & The Future

    So it is August – Women’s month! As we pass the mark of 500 days in lockdown in South Africa (yes, can you believe it?), we have a lot to reflect upon, deal with currently and look forward to in future. With surrounding negativity in abundance, I would like to focus this month on the good and ins... View Post
  • You are my bes-tea

    Ever wondered where tea came from? Tea has been around almost as long as civilization—it was discovered nearly 5,000 years ago in ancient China. Today, centuries later, tea has become the second biggest drink in the world after water!The tea culture of Africa started much later. A continent full ... View Post