Turning setbacks into setups

Now that the first month of 2022 is behind us, we should be well on our way of implementing the growth strategies drawn up for the “new year”. What I have personally learned over the past month is that we can plan as much as we like, but life happens.  Nothing is as certain as the unexpected – and I am not even talking about the Pandemic. The loss of a loved one or perhaps a steady income or the betrayal of a friend or partner – these are never planned for yet can happen unexpectedly and turn your world upside down in an instant.

I guess what I am trying to say is that setbacks can and will happen, how we navigate through the difficult times is what defines us, gives us grit, and makes us stronger. Stronger to handle the next curve ball, but also stronger to forge ahead on our path of growth.  One can easily draw a parallel between the resilience of the tourism industry throughout the pandemic, and how we can personally navigate through hard times.

Moving on to new and happy scenarios.  We are delighted to see the Cape Town Carnival is back, and with such an innovate new structure! On 19 March 2022 there will be 5 shows on offer – in 5 different hubs/ locations, on 5 different timeslots.  You can book one or book them all – at only R10.00 a show!!  For more information, visit https://capetowncarnival.com/ or YouTube Cape Town Carnival 2022 

At Welcome Assist, our new brand/subsidiary Welcome Assist Export is taking shape nicely.  For this division we have identified and sourced a basket of selective South African products, predominantly in die décor/lifestyle and furniture sector.  The focus is on unique designs, sustainability, and quality.  It is our aim as indirect exporters to bring these outstanding smaller suppliers onto a global platform and at the same time offering the buyer a one-stop shop for consolidated orders.  We are very fortunate to be walking this road with the support of Wesgro and their Export Advancement and Promotion program. First, they assisted with the export training course and now with a one-on-one mentorship. How fantastic to have these services available to us! Currently our export products are not featured on our website yet so here is a glimpse into this new division.



It is our whish to get to know you, our audience, better in 2022.  Please connect with us and share your likes, dislikes or simply any out of the box experience worth mentioning. We will in turn also be sharing a lot more about ourselves and our business in the months to come.

“Unexpected events can set you back or set you up. It’s all a matter of perspective” - Mary Anne Radmacher







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