New Travel Trends

In review off the past 12 months, it is clear that the arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and hospitality services have been some of the sectors worst hit by 2020’s coronavirus pandemic.  Evolution of our businesses become part of our daily struggle to survive.  Many food services switched to take away and delivery, theatres began streaming online and galleries began rolling out virtual tours.
It is widely believed that it will be 2025 before international travel returns to the volume we’ve been used to.  Although people are worried to travel from a health and financial perspective, they are still keen to get out and do things!  It is these elements that are defining the travel trends for 2021
The new stay-at-home lifestyle left most people with a lack of real-life experiences and an increased desire to travel. There is general aspiration to plan longer trips that are further afield post-pandemic.
Great Outdoors & Adventure travel
The trend for outdoor travel experiences has seen a recent upturn. It tends to encompass  plenty of good elements.  It is moving away from mass-tourism, it is healthy, authentic, natural and sustainable. In South Africa there is no shortage of these type of activities.  Our top favourites include:
  • Kitesurfing in Langebaan or Blaauwberg Beach
  • Hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains
  • Fly fishing in Mpumalanga
  • Mountain biking in Sani Pass
  • Surfing in Jeffreys Bay
  • Scuba diving in Sodwana Bay
  • White-water rafting on the Orange River

Looking at this list and so much more we have to offer – we really are the perfect destination to scratch the outdoor itch!
Local Inspiration
In the absence of international options, people have turned to their local areas for inspiration. Camping, glamper vans, treehouses, rural stays and the like have been high on Google’s hit list since earlier this year.  For local establishments this meant it was time to rethink the target audience.
Shift towards eco-conscious
After seeing the world regenerate itself during the height of lockdown restrictions, people have become more interested in the environmental impact their holidays might have. Regenerative travel takes sustainable tourism one step further. While sustainable travel aims to offset the negative impacts associated with travel, regenerative tourism is about actively improving the social or environmental conditions of your host country.
The Digital Nomad
While the office lifestyle isn’t dead just yet, many economies will be managing a post-pandemic workforce simply unwilling to give up the freedom and flexibility working from home has allowed them. More and more establishments are geared towards providing a get- away, without impacting on their guest’s ability to generate an income.

In line with the spike in outdoor and adventure travel, we have taken on fantastic new outdoor products that are made from recycled materials, are durable and Proudly South African.

Outdoor Activity Bags

Moonbags made from upcycled yacht sail and canvas

Let us know if there are any products that you would like to see more or less off, or anything special you would like us to source for you.  We live for this!!


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