Make an impression


In a blink it is business as usual with the festive season almost a distant memory!  We all have our goals, dreams and inspirations for the year ahead. Note the exclusion of the word “resolutions”?  Anyone who is a serial new-year-resolution-maker will agree that repeating the same to-do-list annually seldom changes the results in the long term.

What will make 2020 different? We must constantly be innovative, creative and fastmoving to stay ahead of the pack. Tourism in South Africa is such a dynamic and demanding industry. The key to success is planning, paying attention to every detail of the desired end-result. 

When it comes to gifting whether it is for tradeshows, sales trips, appointments or visitors - it is just as important to think it through and plan ahead.  Below is a summary of some of the most popular trade shows for 2020 followed by some gifting ideas. 

Shwe-shwe notebooks
Set of 4 lasercut coasters



 Brandable eco straw  


Organic Rooibos tea in display tin




Laser cut bookmark in sleeve 




Laser cut she-shwe magnets sold as individuals or in packs




The suggested gift items above are all lightweight and small in dimensions - convenient for both givers and receivers. Please also take note of bulk discounts that apply.  Ordering in advance for the year will save you some hard-earned cash.  For your extra special clients or friends - let us know their likes and dislikes and we will source a gift for you that is sure to blow them away!  Let’s make 2020 a year to remember!

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