Living Eco Tourism

The focus for this month is on sustainability and eco tourism which has shifted from goals we strive for to being part of our everyday lives.

The Spekboom (Portulacaria afra) improves the quality of the air we breathe and helps fight climate change.  In addition, it is proudly South African, water-wise and easy to grow. Spekboom can sequester more than four tons of carbon dioxide per year, per hectare planted.

SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association) and South African Tourism have launched a carbon-offsetting initiative to create awareness about the need to reduce the tourism industry’s carbon footprint – The Spekboom Challenge. Tourism stakeholders and other interested parties are called upon to join in and plant millions of Spekboom to offset carbon emissions.  What a great initiative!

There are many other initiatives in place by industry partners - from basics like reduced use of plastic to in depth conservation management plans.  

International travel has evolved to the level where it is expected from the products and experiences that we offer to make a positive difference to communities and the environment in the area.  This is applicable to every aspect of the journey. 

In line with this we have created a new Eco category with eco friendly products/gifts on our website.  Below is a glimpse of some of the new products on offer.  It is our intention to grow this category extensively going forward. 

We are also very proud to introduce a  brand new product under our Food and Beverage category - Wild & Ancient Rooibos Tea collection

Green Greetings!  


Sprout pencils - a sustainable writing tool giving life to a herb plant!




Reusable takeaway coffee cup made from bamboo fiber, promoting the movement away from single use coffee cups . Various colours and branding options available.





Dopper water bottles promotes the movement away from single-use PET plastic water bottles.  5% of all turnover goes towards the Dopper foundation which invests in water initiatives and reducing plastic waste.  Various colours and branding options available                                                                

Laptop sleeve made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and waste fabric from portable branding products.  These bags are lovingly made in a community supported project by a team of ladies from rural KwaZulu-Natal. These ladies are producing bags and earning a living that puts food on the table for their families, funds education and provides dignity and up-liftment for their communities long-term. Various colours and branding options available.      

Travel Pouch made from recycled PPC Bags. A unique product created when contemporary design meets up with ordinary materials.



 The Wild and Ancient Rooibos tea gift set is an ideal South African gift. It features three teas indigenous to SA and is packaged in a cardboard box illustrated with a limited edition artist print of iconic African animals. 


Lets us know what you think about our new kids on the block or if you have any suggestions of products/gifts from your wishlist you would like to see - 


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