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Yes, we are excited about the rebuild of our tourism industry that is now in full swing!  We are also excited about the new opportunities created in difficult times, now coming to fruition.  This edition will however be focusing on something different, something that underpins everything around us, something that is the essence of all visible elements around us – you guessed it – design!

The basis of all things starts with some form of design, taking shape in many formats : - drawing, composing, conceptualisation, architecture and so much more. It is the creativity in design and sense of origin and culture that drew us to most of the lovely products we sell.  These products tell a story and embodies the essence of our beloved country South Africa.

Design in South Africa has come a long way , and galleries like the Southern Guild has paved the way for local designers to get international exposure at institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne) and many more.

Our export range of products is all distinctively South African by design. One of our favourite local designers is John Vogel whose bespoke pieces are commissioned from around the globe.  He has a collectable range that is of his more sculptural work that is gloriously unique.  This walnut “puzzle table” is a prime example of his work taking inspiration from nature.


Within our close circles, we are lucky enough to have a sister company in the design field – Pure CreativePure Creative is a boutique design, brand communications and publishing company specialising in custom luxury publications, brand strategy, digital design, packaging, and corporate identities. If your business needs elevation, this creative team can transform your image to encapsulate your exact essence.



At Welcome Assist we pride ourselves in the creativity of the products we bring on board.  We are excited to launch 4 new products and share this with you today. Click on the images for further information.


 May you be inspired to live creatively and incorporate your own essence in designing or re-designing your brand. 

 In the words of Maya Angelou - Remember you can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.


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