Happy Days!

October 2022 - and how things have changed! It is exhilarating to see how the tourism industry in South Africa has bounced back. Feedback from all sectors report on a major upswing in business for the last part of 2022 and even more so on an incredibly positive forward book for 2023 and beyond.

Last month we celebrated Tourism month and two events in particular stood out as vibrant celebrations of our industry’s rebirth. TBTE22, hosted by First Diamonds in partnership with Aquilla Game ReserveNAC Helicopters Cape Town and Hazendal wine estate at the Allure Rooftop Lounge in Cape Town, saw more than 400 industry professionals getting together to celebrate and reacquaint.

On World Tourism Day, 27 September, another celebration took place at Simon’s Groot Constantia. This event was a collaboration by Cape Town Concierge ForumFEDHASA Cape & Skal International Cape Town, with the theme going forward being “Collaboration and rethinking tourism”. A live performance by Desmond & The Tutus, added the perfect touch to an already memorable evening.

Moving forward on this positive trajectory, October brought us Mental Health Awareness month. While the important work of health workers and counsellors in promoting the de-stigmatisation of mental health issues must be commended, not all individuals have the means to obtain assistance by psychologists or psychiatrists. It is up to us to look after our own mental wellbeing and those dear to us. Out of all the heaps of tips floating around I found this to be crucial: Make the time to connect with the people who make you happy, in person. In turn this gives them a good dose of happiness too!

Unbelievably it is already that time of the year that we are planning thank you gifts, year-end events, and holiday packages. I cannot think of a better gift encompassing Summer, Cape Town, holidays, and healthy living than our fabulous range of scented candles, made right here in the Mother City.

Christmas Celebration Cracker with scented candle


Clifton Beach scented candle

Summer Vineyard scented candle

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“Mental health…is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going." — Noam Shpancer, PhD


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