You are my bes-tea

Ever wondered where tea came from? Tea has been around almost as long as civilization—it was discovered nearly 5,000 years ago in ancient China. Today, centuries later, tea has become the second biggest drink in the world after water!
The tea culture of Africa started much later.
A continent full of lush forests, sipped on the infusion of the Rooibos bush for hundreds of years. Unknown to the pleasures of tea leaves, Africa experienced tea only after South Africa was colonised by the British. Tea was introduced to South Africa in 1850 when the seeds of the Assam Tea were imported from Calcutta and grown here for commercial purposes. Soon, Kenya became famous for growing teas and established the Kenya Tea Growers Association in 1933.
Today Buchu tea, Honeybush tea and Rooibos Tea, is synonymous with South Africa. Weather you drink your tea to boost your immune system, fight off inflammation or ward off cancer and heart disease, or simply because you love it, it is a habit shared by 2 billion people daily across the globe!
Afternoon teas or high teas are popular in South Africa, and we really have top class venues to choose from – The Mount Nelson in Cape Town, The Oyster Box in Umhlanga or 54 on Bath in Rosebank/Johannesburg, to mention but a few. If this sounds too formal for your liking, why not build up your own special selection of teas to enjoy on your own or host friends, family, or colleagues at your own accord.

We are proud to introduce you to our local tea collection:

The Wild and Ancient Rooibos tea gift set is an ideal South African gift. It features three teas indigenous to SA and is packaged in a cardboard box illustrated with a limited edition artist print of iconic African animals. 100% natural product with no additives or preservatives.

Sunbird Superior Pure Rooibos is a premium quality blend of two teas from different farms, both without any artificial pesticides or fertilizers.

Sunbird Superior Buchu & Rooibos Tea - buchu’s minty, blackcurrant flavour, when combined with premium Rooibos tea, elevates the natural aromas and accentuates their respective flavours.


Sunbird Superior Rooibos Chai - An aromatic blend of naturally sweet Rooibos, and a blend of chai spices, combining the best of the Cape and Indian style flavours.

See our website for further amazing flavours.

Whilst the recent news of the introduction of Level 4 lock-down is sinking in, let us not despair.  Our international boarders remain open, and wanderlust is burning at an all-time high the world over.  Sit back, have a sip of tea, and count your blessings!


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