Summer Vibes

I think all of us in the Southern Hemisphere can agree that Summer 2020 might be the most anticipated one we have had in a while. It has been a tough year and Winter for most, and the joy that Summer brings is undeniable!   Life is joyful in a warm, nourishing kind of way.

Summer is the accumulation of Springs irrepressible growth.  Nature is full to bursting and we are at our maximum activity.  With busy social calendars, increased physical activity and desire to be in the great outdoors Summer certainly is a jam-packed time of year.

In South Africa there are so many options when it comes to outdoor activities. Some of the most popular ones include hiking, safaris, culture/art/history tours, outdoor movies or concerts and of courses spending time on our beautiful beaches. 

Some of our favourite beaches include:

Camps Bay

Famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and its location between the azure Atlantic and the Twelve Apostles mountain range.  



Clifton Beach

World-famous with its ocean-fronting mansions right on the beach, pristine white sands and rough granite boulders dotted both in the azure waters and on the shoreline.



Muizenburg Beach

Home to  one of the most thriving surfing communities in South Africa. This beach offers the perfect launching point for surfers into  the bay. The waves here are big enough to surf, but small enough for beginners. 

Umhlanga Beach

Umhlanga Coast is characterised by long stretches of sandy beaches perfect for surfing, swimming and sunbathing. The Indian Ocean has particularly warm waters, averaging 24 to 26 degrees during the Summer. 


 Coffee Bay

Coffee Bay offers excellent fishing as well as spectacular walks through coastal bush that is full of bird life. One of the must-see places in this area is the ‘hole in the wall’, a geological marvel. There are various hiking trails around the area, the famous Wild Coast Hiking Trail being one. 


Whether you managed to work on your Summer body throughout quarantine or not – let us get out there, explore and enjoy.  One easy way to get organised for beach days is to get our All-in-One preselected beach bag complete with a funky beach tote bag, towel, cap & sunblock.




We have exciting news for all of you who likes to plan a bit in advance!  We will be bringing out a special Christmas news edition in the next couple of weeks with some great original gift ideas for your guests, clients, staff or family.  Watch this space! 


Whilst we are all eager to welcome International visitors back to our shores, we are cognisant of the fact that it will take while. In the meanwhile, let us not stop selling, marketing and being ambassadors of the world-class destination that is South Africa.


Until next time

The Welcome Assist Team


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