Let's hear it for our women!

The arrival of Women’s month gave us a fantastic opportunity to divert from the predominant media topics around Covid-19, governmental shortfalls, and an imploding economy to focus on something more inspirational – WOMEN!

Each year on the 9th of August, South Africans of all backgrounds, races and cultural groups join together in celebrating National Women’s Day, a public holiday.

I am sure that most of us has at least one, but hopefully a couple of truly inspirational women playing their part in building us up as we build our lives.  They help us to review and refine our behaviour, with the aim of becoming the best version of ourselves.

Beyond our family and friends, we look at films, magazines, public life, and colleagues to find people who can inspire us. Given that the top ranks of many industries and arenas still seem stuck at a figure of about 20% for women at the top, it is particularly crucial for young women to find successful women who can be those role models.

There are endless examples of extraordinary women who inspire us, regardless of how big or small their deeds.  We salute and celebrate every single one of you this month!

Whilst reading up on inspirational women, I came across the phenomenal effort that a group of women in the Balule Nature Reserve (greater Kruger Park area) is doing for conservation.  The group is called the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit and consists of 23 young female rangers and 7 Environmental Monitors. Their main aim is to protect the rhinos through patrolling the grounds, and equally important to be role models within their communities.

To find out more about them, you can watch this documentary:


Or if you would like to support them follow the link:




To celebrate Women’s month, we have put together some options for you to choose from to spoil or recognize the special women in your life.


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Enjoy women’s month! If you do not have any inspirational female role-models in your immediate environment, work hard on being one yourself!

Until next time

The Welcome Assist Team


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